A Radical, Yet Regulated Approach to Digital Fund Raising and Lending

Joule is designing a fully regulated platform based on patented technologies, and in partnership with financial institutions around the world, to facilitate digital fundraising, lending and wealth sharing.

Structured for stability

Joule uses a dual-token structure and collaborates with central banks and financial institutions to create a digital currency structure unlike any other - stable, reliable, flexible and liquid.

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Instant value transfer

Faster processing speeds and reduced transaction costs allow Joule to facilitate seamless transfer of value.

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Designed in cooperation with banks

Joule is actively establishing partnerships with financial institutions, and the annual transaction volume in the first stage is with projected expectations of $6 billion.

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Unlocking investment opportunities

With our patented technology, regions with inefficient capital flows and high barriers to entry become accessible to investors around the world.

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Secure and traceable

Fully regulated to ensure strict KYC/AML checks, Joule tokens are fully traceable and governed in a transparent manner.

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End-user app platform

Joule is an end-user platform and enables users to manage, exchange and invest their tokens as they wish.

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Stable value guaranteed

Joule Local Tokens are designed for stability and remain pegged to local currencies regardless of any volatility in Joule Network tokens.

The Core of Joule

Joule brings together fundraisers, who intend to launch projects, and investors, who seek new opportunities, while providing a regulated, safe and secure platform for managing wealth and distributing rewards.

Network Token

The Network Token (an ERC 20 token) enables you to access and use the platform. This utility token is classified as a VFA (Virtual Financial Asset)

Local Token

The Joule Local Token will be issued by entities such as banks and financial institutions. It will be used as a means to invest in the projects listed on the platform, and each set of Joule Local Tokens will be pegged to a local FIAT currency.

The platform is being designed by Pensee Sauvage Limited, a company registered under the laws of Malta, with company registration number C93311 and having its registered address at 2, Spinola Road, St Julians, STJ 3014, Malta.

Flexible Wealth Management

With the Joule platform app and a mobile wallet, you can manage your wealth flexibly - transfer it to participants, lend it to fundraisers, receive profits, convert funds to FIAT and make withdrawals.

Every case covered

Transparent tokens

Your token assets can be fast and easily managed in a single screen. The dashboard gives you all the vital information about your Joule assets and provides you with a history of recent transactions.

Invest with a peace of mind

Invest in just a couple of clicks, know exactly where your tokens have gone, and never wonder about late repayments or losses. Automatically invest so you are always at the top of things.

A Regulated VFA Offering System

Joule’s VFA offering will be conducted via a fully regulated platform with a dedicated user dashboard, providing all the necessary documentation and information to comply with MFSA and MDIA rules.

Meet the Joule Team

Our global team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionalists from all kinds of fields and industries.

Yoshimichi Kumon

Co-founder & CEO

Kumon has an entrepreneurship to have funded the provider of renewable natural (methane) gas in Hong Kong as CFO for the first time in the world. Someday Kumon shouted "Eureka" to find the noble funding system ... Read More for the reward from energy-saving on the P2P social platform. This good deal of efforts brought him to a broader view of the landscape of new cryptocurrency named Joule. Collapse

Grodskiy Dmitry

Co-founder & CMO

Dmitry has been an international account manager of the world’s largest US-based payment service provider for 4 years. His experience and great insights into the global money transfer mechanism naturally lead him ... Read More to the horizon of crypto-economy which is emerging as a complete alternative to the current monetary system, in not only a compliant but more secure and diversified manner. Collapse

Glenne Noda

Development Team

Glenne Noda has had a long career with expertise in public and financial sectors, starting with the project manager of the integrated area network for Tokyo Metropolitan Government and a technical advisor of ... Read More Japanese registered entity US WIT CAPITAL which was known as the first financial company with objectives to raise through the internet. His achievements have been covered by media such as The Wall Street Journal, and his book titled "Private Finance Initiative" became a bestseller. Collapse

Jahir Hussain

Development Team

Jahir Hussain is a system engineer with a patent technology of an innovative in-memory database to have been organized the Joule development team located in both Bangalore of India and Silicon Valley. Main unified ... Read More orchestration platform with drag-and-drop development of big data and stream analytics-based data flow with machine learning contributes Joule network scheme to seamlessly integrate each interaction of nodes in a manner of one-step manner. Collapse

Charles Li

Development Team

Charles Li has not only strongly committed to the world of blockchain but had considerable experience for business incubation in an emerging market. As a representative of Japan for the cryptocurrency exchange ... Read More in Hong Kong, he supported many companies with the willingness to launch IEO or STO, at the same time started up the music download site in Africa to pave the way for the future-oriented blockchain society. Collapse

Xu Chaolong

Development Team

Dr. Xu Chaolong who is a long-time business partner of Kumon had a prominent career as an organizer of technology transfer in the most powerful giant companies of China after graduating from ... Read More both Cambridge and Kyoto University.
His network comprises many investors, companies, researchers and governmental people in and out of China. Collapse

Akio Sashima


Akio has over 20 years of experience as an independent consultant in cross-border marketing, recruiting and investigative research both for multinational and Japanese clients, while engaging in multiple ... Read More senior roles for companies in the US, Israel, and Japan. Since 2016, Akio has been actively involved in the blockchain industry for ICO marketing, fund-raising and regional representative works of multinational blockchain projects. Collapse

Company locations

The Company

The Issuer of the Joule Network Token and owner of the JOULE Platform is Pensee Sauvage Limited, a company registered under the laws of Malta with company registration number C 93311 and having its registered address at 2, Spinola Road, St Julians, STJ 3014, Malta.

The Issuer was established in 2019 and is lawfully existing and registered as a private limited liability company in terms of the ‘Companies Act’, Chapter 386 of the Laws of Malta.

The Company operates the development and the evolving of the Joule Platform as a radically new step in the online investing. The platform will bring together persons wishing to raise finance in order to implement their projects and persons wishing to invest in such projects. The Company will provide its subsidiaries with technical support after the development of the platform.

The Joule project will be collaborating with major financial institutions and central banks around the world in order to become the only digital currency interoperable with local fiat currencies interacting in harmony with well-regulated monetary systems in terms of credit traceability, and to provide value storage in contrast to the consistently devaluing fiat currencies.

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